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7 Wedding Ceremony Readings for... Theatre Lovers!

🎭✨ Ready to take centre stage with your love story? Why not infuse some Broadway sparkle into your wedding ceremony! 💖✨ Here are 7 toe-tapping readings for musical theatre fans (but I am not going to lie… there are so many more options with this idea… it was almost impossible to choose only 7).

And why stop there? With a celebrant-led ceremony there are so many more show-stopping additions you could include:

🎭 Venue: Why not literally take centre stage and get married in a local theatre. The stage, the seats, the lighting… the tiny tubs of ice cream… the perfect setting to tell your love story!

💃🏼🕺Showstopper Grand Entrance: Whether it's a synchronised dance routine, a surprise flash mob, or a dramatic entrance to the strains of your favourite show tune, set the stage for your ceremony with a showstopper entrance that will leave your guests cheering for an encore.

🎩 Playbill-Inspired Programs: Design your ceremony programs to resemble Broadway playbills, complete with cast lists, production notes, and even a "credits" section featuring your wedding party. It's a creative way to set the stage for your ceremony and get your guests excited for the show to come.

✍🏼 Broadway-inspired Vows: Write your vows in the style of your favourite musicals, drawing inspiration from iconic love songs and romantic dialogue. Whether you're professing your love with a heartfelt ballad or pledging your devotion with a witty repartee, personalised Broadway-inspired vows will add a unique and memorable touch to your ceremony.

🎶 Musical Interludes: Whether it's a string quartet playing a romantic rendition of "A Whole New World" from Aladdin as you walk down the aisle or a surprise flash mob performance of "One Day More" from Les Misérables during the recessional, these musical interludes will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

 Ready to create a Tony Award worthy ceremony? Let’s chat today ! 🎵✨

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