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Let's talk about a Celebration of life!

If you have recently lost a loved one, I offer my heart felt condolences.  I would be honoured to work with you to help create a personalised celebration of their life.

A year ago I lost my Nan.  Whilst the ceremony we had for her was lovely and sincere; telling the key facts of her life story and mentioning the people most important to her... it really lacked something.  Josie was vibrant, she had a cracking sense of humour and was definitely not a lady to be messed with!  And yet none of this came across in the ceremony! 

If you hadn't met her, you would never have known what an absolute character she was! 


I would have loved to have heard more incidental tales to help celebrate her uniqueness! A tale from her work colleagues... a tale from her friends... a tale from her family...  A tale to represent all of the different facets of her personality and what she meant to all of the different people that loved her. 

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At times like this, we are feeling such a great loss and of course there should be moments of sincerity, moments of reflection, moments where we sit with our feelings and truly feel that loss, that sadness.  But shouldn't there also be joy and laughter?  Shouldn't there be people nodding along in agreement "Yup, that was our Josie!".  People laughing along to stories of their idiosyncrasies that drove us crazy in life - but that we all loved and are now missing! 


So many of these ceremonies feel similar and they shouldn't!


I'm passionate about working with families to ensure that funerals are not lost opportunities to celebrate someone's uniqueness in life! Let's celebrate these unique people who have impacted our lives so much, by telling their story in a way that brings their personality to the room! Weaving the happiness they gave us in life alongside the sadness of their loss.  Truly celebrating them!   

I am Currently undergoing training so that I am able to offer A complete and professional funeral service.  I can't wait to bring my passion and expertise to those who are looking for a truly personalized and heartfelt farewell for their loved ones.

In the meantime, if you think I might be the right person to tell your loved one's story, please reach out to me so that we can discuss If I am in a position to work with you!

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